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Genealogy has surged in popularity among the average person, driven by the accessibility and intrigue of exploring one's roots. This increased interest can largely be attributed to the availability of user-friendly genealogical websites and apps that guide users through the process of building family trees and uncovering historical records. Television shows and documentaries that delve into the ancestral backgrounds of celebrities have also played a significant role in popularizing the field, sparking curiosity about one’s own familial history. The popularity of social media has spurred many people to become interested in their own ancestral background. Additionally, the affordability and ease of DNA testing kits allow individuals to gain insights into their ethnic backgrounds and connect with biological relatives they may have never known otherwise. These factors combine to make genealogy not just a hobby for dedicated historians, but a fascinating and accessible pursuit for anyone interested in their family's past.


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internet of things

The Next Digital Evolution Will Be the Internet of Things

In a recent Trend article, Pew Research Center’s Director of Internet and Technology Lee Rainie analyzes the infusion of digital technology into everyday life, and raises questions about quality and …


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natures power in digital connected world

Digital Detox: The Power of Nature in a Hyper-Connected World

Welcome to our digital age, where we’re more connected than ever before but often find ourselves yearning for something more authentic, more grounding, more… real. As our lives become increasingly …

Children & Tech

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children tech

Technology in Early Education Interview

Katie Paciga, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Education at Columbia College Chicago. She teaches courses in Language Development, Children’s Media and Technology, and Early Reading and Writing Methods. Her …

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Do Computer Games Make Children Anti-Social?

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Teaching Kids to Program

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Children’s Social Adaptability Part I

children socializing

Children’s Social Adaptability Part II